Forget Everything I Just Said

In my last post, I gave you some song and dance about how I didn't envision this to be a political blog and I wouldn't be totally dogmatic, etcetera, etcetera. Well, that was obviously pre-8.November thinking and who has the luxury of that anymore?

I had planned this space to be about community-building for creatives, gourmands and entrepreneurs who find themselves in a bit of a cultural desert and want to support and inspire each other. Now, I'm widening the scope of that to include progressives. En fait, not just progressives, but anyone who dislikes things like racism, basic human rights denial, sexual assault and religious persecution.

Quite frankly, it felt pretty awful to live in a state that gave all of their electoral votes to Trump the other night. And it felt bad --  but also kind of well-deserved -- the next day to get confirmation of what the rest of the world thought of our states. 

The French have redrawn the districts.

The French have redrawn the districts.

Nothing about Tuesday night is healing with time. Like many of my friends, I have experienced the last few days like the aftermath of other defining personal, national and global tragedies: a meeting or an exchange with friends might make us forget for a few minutes. Then we remember and the sadness/anger/anxiety/shock is crushing. 

What else can be done but dedicate the next four years to taking care of ourselves and taking care of others. The Beaspora is nothing if not aspirational. We will always go high. I had intended that to mean high end, but I've come to realize that it means higher purpose as well. 

Don't get me wrong. I am not whingeing that we all need to put our differences aside for the good of the country. Of course we do, but I'm not there yet (like I'm sure you have, I've clocked that the ones who are banging that drum the loudest are suspiciously tacit about which candidate they supported).

This is what we will do: We will stand for each other and for everyone that the upcoming administration, and the people who voted them in, hope to disenfranchise.

We have brought the cool to the flyover states. Now, let's bring the heart.