Ciao! I'm Jenna Gabrial Gallagher. I'm a former Features editor at Harper's Bazaar, and currently a freelance writer/editor and the content director for a boutique Omaha-grown PR and digital marketing agency that I love. I have also contributed to several shopping guides, including the Where to Wear series and the Louis Vuitton City Guides.

I've had a pretty nomadic life, with lots of back and forth between Nebraska, New England, Paris and New York. For now, though, my husband and I are settled in Omaha, so that our children can be close to their grandparents.

Most people think of the Midwest and other so-called flyover regions as cultural deserts filled with strip malls, chain restaurants, norm core that doesn't wink, and backwards values. I'm not going to lie, there is plenty of that.

But there are also loads of amazing small businesses and smart, stylish, forward-thinking people who are scattered across the country and are spreading their fantastic in sometimes surprising places.

I created The Beaspora to connect, inspire and support this community. It's a tough world for people with big dreams, but by coming together, we can all take them to the ends of the earth.

I look forward to hearing from you.