Tacos with TAGG

Last night, the Omaha Done Well influencers group celebrated our new friendship with TAGG (Together a Greater Good) over a fabulous dinner at Hook & Lime.

For the uninitiated, TAGG is a free mobile app that allows its users to give back when they patronize any one of its 200 + merchant partners. When you TAGG your purchase (upload your receipt to the app), the merchant donates five percent to the local cause of your choice -- there are currently more than 700-and-counting worthy ones from which to pick.

I've been using TAGG as a consumer for about two years now, and I'm thrilled to spread the word about them. There are a lot of amazing causes I like to support but the ones I TAGG the most often are my children's school, Little White Dog Rescue (where we got our pup, Leo) Together Omaha, an organization dedicated to preventing local homelessness, and Donate Life Nebraska.

If the girls are with me, I always let them choose the organization to which the proceeds should go, which gets us talking a little bit about the important work these places do. I'd like to think it's helping to plant the seeds of community-mindedness within the girls, but it's also a lot of fun. They get super excited when they see a business is on TAGG. It's gotten to the point where they use it in their persuasive arguments (I.e. "Can we puh-leeeese go to Planet Sub tonight? They're on TAGG!")

I've noticed that my friends and I are also starting to choose where we go out based on places that are on TAGG, and I've heard that many nonprofits plan their work outings at TAGG businesses so the staff can support their org. It's pure genius, all the way around.

So back to last night's dinner. Hook & Lime is a business on TAGG and I couldn't be more ahi tostada about it because I really, really like to eat there. Chef Brandon Kalfut is trained in classical French and Asian cuisine, so his farm-to-table Mexican menu is rich with surprises and exciting flavor combinations.

On the menu were Hook & Lime's house-made chips with two excellent salsas and guacamole; the aforementioned ahi tuna tostadas (no, that wasn't a typo earlier, that's just my new word for blissed out); soft-shell crab cakes that were perfectly crisped on the outside and melt-in-your mouth tender on the inside; and a selection of perfect tacos, including smoked trout, confit chicken, beer battered cod, wagyu carne asada and a surf and turf with shrimp and pork belly that could be my gateway back to meat after 20+ years as a veg-aquarian. Hook & Lime's bar program follows the same philosophy as the kitchen, so the margaritas were made with house-made orange liqueur, orange brandy and simple syrup with Demerara sugar. It all made for a delish margarita that tasted clean, not cloying. 

I had so much fun giving back last night, that tonight I'm headed to V. Mertz, another TAGG restaurant. What can I say? I'm just filled with the spirit of doing good.