Ok, Now It's the Last Minute

I start hearing the phrase "last minute" as it relates to holiday shopping in early December and I honestly don't know what people are talking about. Yes, depending on the year, it might be last minute for Hanukkah, but if Amazon Prime can still get it to my door in time for Christmas Eve, it's not last minute.

Today, though. Today we're officially last minute. And I have about six people left for whom to buy. Important, top level people -- people like my mom. I'm still not worried, though, because the perfect gifts are out there and I know just where I'm going to go to get them.


Denim Saloon

Say your spouse always needs gift guidance and you're just the tiniest bit fatigued with having to walk them through your wish list every year. Denim Saloon has got you covered. They have these nifty little cards where you can write down all your denim desires (and sizes) and they keep it on file for you so all your beloved has to do is go in and ask. (Whilst making your list, keep in mind that there's also jewelry and sweaters and t-shirts to compete the look.) Along with jeans, the store also has fun little stocking stuffers like candles and Happy Socks, plus a few items for locally grown kids. Today (Friday), the store is offering 20 percent off your entire purchase, with another sale promised tomorrow.



When Spruce owner Amy Sporrer came to town from Connecticut, she brought her chic, preppy style with her. The store abounds with clever witticisms on plaques and plates, bon chic bon gout tchotchkes and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful books on home décor, entertaining and fashion. Right now, most of the holiday items at Spruce and Rosie Jane, Sporrer's adorable children's store two doors down, are on sale.



Artifact's storefront looks straight out of A Christmas Carol and inside it is chocka with locally made leather and waxed canvas goods. Carryall, tote, pochette, lunch tote, rucksack -- there's a size and shape for everyone. Plus those damn fine chef's aprons you've been seeing in all of O's best dining establishments. Everything's guaranteed for life, so you can start a holiday tradition of adding one to the collection every year.


Film Streams 

A membership or gift card to Film Streams makes a great gift any year, but especially right now. With the opening of the 300-seat Peggy Payne Theater and new 25-seat Linder Microcinema, all in the lovingly restored and renovated Dundee cinema, (in addition to the always wonderful Ruth Sokolof Theatre in NoDo), this is the hottest ticket in town for cinephiles of any age.

(Photos courtesy of Film Streams.)


Among Other Things

AOT Element.jpg

There are always a million new things to look at in Among Other Things, but a thing that's usually there are these Element Shrubs -- which is ideal, because I love to give them as host gifts. They're non-alcoholic cocktail mixers, which makes them perfect for expecting parents, the dry January crowd and others staying sober, but you can use them in boozy drinks -- or even cooking -- as well. Their cute packaging is just one more thing about them to love.