Shout-out to Children's Hospital

When I talk about people doing cool stuff everywhere, I usually mean fun, lifestyle stuff. But every one in a while, I have the opportunity to highlight the cool stuff that's not quite such a party.

This weekend, our 16-month-old, Millie, had a dust-up with a wooden swing. She's fine now, but it was a drama. Seven hours in the E.R. plus two CT scans, plus stitches kind of drama. She was a real trouper the entire time, and so were the older GaGas. I'm so proud of how attentive they were to their sister, and they never once complained that they were bored or hungry or thirsty. A lot of it had to do with the Omaha Children's Hospital & Medical Staff. Dr. Maria Johnson and nurses Trevor and Paige could not have been more attentive and kind -- despite the fact that they were CRAZY BUSY all night long. Every time they came in the room, it was like we were the only people there. They patched up Millie beautifully and put the rest of us at ease in the midst of a scary situation.

Just as we were leaving in the wee hours Sunday morning, a helicopter landed. As we pulled away and watched the air medical service team rush their young patient into the hospital, of course I worried about what had happened -- and what would happen next -- to the child. But I also knew that he or she and their family was going to be under the best possible care.