Props to the Sandwich

A thing of beauty is a joy for breakfast... or lunch. (photo courtesy of Kristnally)

A thing of beauty is a joy for breakfast... or lunch. (photo courtesy of Kristnally)

Maybe it's because we all drank so damn much, but every New York ex-pat I've ever known misses the big, sloppy, hangover-curing deliciousness of the perfectly-executed breakfast sandwich. You could get one at any corner bodega -- and earn yourself the Lou Reed true New Yorker seal of approval. But, honestly, I quite loved the newer, chef-y ones: all locally sourced ingredients, artisanal bread and, like, house-made porchetta (which, being veg, I didn't eat, but enjoyed that it existed).

The Omaha Farmer's Market was missing it, too. So a group of old high school friends got together to form Sandwich Proper, which is in its second summer at the Aksarben Sunday market and is making its Dandelion début later today. "I travel a lot and go to farmer's markets around the country. There's always this great fresh food that you can eat there. I couldn't figure out why no one was doing that at the Omaha Farmer's Market," says Evan Brockman, one of the four guys behind Sandwich Proper. "We saw a gap, and we decided to fill it."

Evan, who has a full-time career in the food industry (the others work in various fields), already owned the catering equipment they needed, and the menu concept was driven by what they could source locally. "We buy bread from Le Quartier, which is set up four tents down from us at the market. Tomāto Tomäto (an Omaha-based year-round farmer's market) hooked us up with a lot of local suppliers. We just found this and that, and got a sandwich put together."

In addition to the now Omaha-famous breakfast sandwich, Sandwich Proper makes a PB&J with pecan butter and strawberry-thyme jam, and a locally-sourced BLT -- both of which will be available at today's Dandelion.  But don't expect them to venture too far away from the classics that have made them a local legend. "We're not Cheesecake Factory," Evan says.