Oh, Happy Day!

If you live in Omaha and haven't dined at Happy Hollow Country Club in a while, I highly recommend you become a member, find a friend who belongs, get yourself invited to a wedding there, or join an organization that holds lunch meetings in one of their dining rooms because the food really is outstanding. 

Or, you could always just go to today's Dandelion where Happy Hollow's executive chef Jason Hughes and sous-chef Juan Lupercio are cooking up a modern Mexican menu that could drag even the most die-hard golfer away from the links.

The team, who has cooked for Dandelion a few times before, loves the opportunity to test out new concepts for an audience that they might not normally reach. "Except for our members, no one really knows what we cook at the club," Jason told me.

If that's the case, then it's the best worst-kept secret in town because Jason and Juan have been quietly building a reputation for taking their cuisine beyond the standard country club fare toward a more innovative, globally-influenced-but-locally-sourced,  approach.

In addition to his Dandelion forays, Jason consulted on the menu for Tavern 180 and is also developing a new restaurant that may have echoes of today's popup. When that one opens you can tell your friends you were one of the first to try it out at Dandelion.