Culture Watch 5.Oct.2018

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Ciao! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some distraction from current events!

First, and most time-sensitive, Gramercy in Omaha’s Countryside Village and Garment District in Legacy have 25 percent off of one item now through Sunday. I’m definitely going to pop in to stock up on sister gifts for the holidays. Also, this Misa dress is such a showstopper, I’m convinced it might be the answer to political arguments at the Thanksgiving table.


The fall TV lineup is starting to crop up. To be honest, I watch most shows on my phone whilst folding laundry or doing some other mindless task, but there are a few things I save to binge watch with my husband when we have the chance (miss you, Jenkins family from The Americans!). Right now, it’s The Good Place. The first two seasons are brilliant (and only 25 half-hour episodes combined, so not too overwhelming to catch up) and the the third one is already off with a bang.

On Tuesday, 9.October, Tana French’s newest book The Witch Elm arrives on shelves — and I know this because I’ve been stalking French’s author page since her last book came out. I never thought of myself as a detective-series-book kind of woman, but I got hooked on her Dublin Murder Squad novels when I was a features editor, and I’ve eagerly awaited each one since. Vogue’s already dubbed this one a top book for fall.

We’ve been in the midst of updating the girls’ rooms (more on that in a future post) and j’adore these 3-D butterflies I bought for Irish and Millie’s wall. Every butterfly has beautiful, unique markings, so it was really fun to look at each one as I put them on the wall.

Do you do meal-planning? I admire people who do, like my friend Nicole at Mom Saves Money, but every time I’ve tried we haven’t really stuck with it. Things just come up. Like that old Yiddish saying, Man meal plans, God laughs. So now, instead of planning out a month — or even two weeks — of meals in advance, I’m doing 4-day meal plans for the week ahead. Because, honestly, if I’m cooking on weekends, it’s because I’m having a party — not trying to get dinner on the table. Also, for nights we don’t all eat together because of meetings or activities, I try to come up with something that can sit a bit (like Wednesday’s chili).

Here’s what’s cooking next week:

Monday: Miso Sweet Potato Broccoli Bowls from Smitten Kitchen

Tuesday: Jamie Oliver’s chicken in milk, green salad, grapes

Wednesday: Chili

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner: pumpkin pancakes, scrambled eggs, apple slices, veggie sausage

Have a fab weekend!

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