Monster's Masquerade!

I’ve got a Halloween surprise planned for my Fab 3 favorite Beatles fans and they are going to Flip. Out. when they find out about it!


Hosted content: I have received complimentary tickets to Monster’s Masquerade in exchange for sharing information about it here and on my social channels.

We are attending Monster’s Masquerade the evening of Saturday, 20.October at Omaha Children’s Museum! I simply can’t resist a fancy dress party so I’m beyond excited and I know the girls will be, too. I can already hear the way they’re going to breathlessly recap the event for Brian, “There was literately something for all of us!”

Irish is going to love cozying up to the snakes and spiders with Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District, and I actually believe that Trixie, who is easily spooked, will be able to handle the all-ages-friendly Cobweb Castle. They’re both going to be way into the s’mores, face-painting and craft projects like slime-making, scarecrow-creating and pumpkin decorating.

As for Millie and I, we are going to be dancing all night long to Come Together, the Beatles tribute band that’s playing the event. Millie is mad about The Beatles. Beat Bugs on Netflix is my own personal mother’s little helper — forgive me for mixing bands — and when we took her to Yellow Submarine at Film Streams a few weeks ago she sang along with every song. She’s just going to feel like it’s her birthday (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah).

Another thing I’m really excited about is, because it’s a ticketed event, it’s not going to be overly-crowded. Tickets are still available ($20 for Omaha Children’s Museum Members / $35 for non-members) and can be purchased here.

Now… to plan our costumes!

They had her at Beatles tribute band.

They had her at Beatles tribute band.

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