Center Street x Southwest

“We want the overwhelming theme to be about love,” says Tahnee Chedel of Hearts & Fire, the store she recently opened with her mother, Lori Kirkpatrick, in Omaha’s Rockbrook Village.

It’s why the store always seems to give off a warm glow, why the adorable store dog, Bow, will amble over to greet you when you arrive, why you might be offered a glass of wine — or a shot of tequila — while you shop, and why nearly every piece has a meet-cute story behind it. “We only sell pieces that we love, and we love to tell our customers all about why we love a certain thing and how we came upon it,” Tahnee says. “It really is all about the experience of falling in love with the things that surround you.”


Lori, who owns a sister store, Dos Corazones, in the artist colony of Tubac, Arizona, has had relationships with many of the artists and designers showcased at Hearts & Fire for years, but the two women also specialize in custom furniture pieces, working with local makers, and carrying lines that can’t be found elsewhere in Omaha, such as versatile Spicher and Company vinyl floor mats. “It’s all pretty eclectic,” Lori says.

And, while the store definitely has a distinct Spanish mission vibe that calls to mind its Tubac roots, what it isn’t is a a paean to all things American Southwest. Think less ‘80s era Ralph Lauren throws, and more color-saturated, high-boho boudoir. Like, if Stevie Nicks bought a home in Omaha, this is where she’d shop.

“There’s something here for every style of home. You can have a very understated style — all muted grays and whites —and incorporate a beautiful, bold Hayley Mitchell painting and it just pulls everything together,” says Tahnee. “Or you can go all out. The key is just creating a space that you don’t want to leave.”