What's In Your Car-senal?

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Image from Pixabay.

Image from Pixabay.

I admit it, I drive a massive car. It's something I never dreamed I'd do, and I'm constantly trying to neutralize my carbon footprint in other ways. But the fact is, I have three children still in car seats, we take a lot of road trips, we're usually carrying the stroller and/or my mom's walker, we're constantly bringing home massive orders of groceries and... I have my car-senal.

That's how I've come to think of the stockpile of seemingly random items that I keep in my car at all times -- because that's where I'm most likely to want to use them. Some things rotate in and out from season to season, but here's the A-list that I never leave home without*:

Paper cutter: I bought a paper cutter on my wedding day for some last minute thing I had to do and it's been in every car we've ever had since. (I wrap a lot of gifts on the go.) I'm really evangelical about them and I'm always looking for another one when I go to the type of store that would sell them, but, weirdly, they can be a little hard to find. Fortunately, Amazon has a good one


Almonds: Technically, we have a ban on eating in the car unless we're on a road trip, but almonds are the exception to every rule, aren't they? I keep a bag in the console and reach for it whenever I'm having one of those crazy, runaround afternoons with no time to eat.

Dental floss: I usually put my lipstick on in the car, and the rearview mirror is great for both that and a quick smile check. I like Glide travel-size, mainly because of the nifty packaging. 

Tweezers: Another thing the rearview is great for is catching strays between brow appointments, so it's nice to have a pair of tweezers around to deal with them. Actually, tweezers are brilliant in nearly all areas of life. I got a pack of these cute minis in my stocking last year and now they're never far when I need them.

A brush, detangler and ponytail holders: We are four women with unruly hair -- someone's head always needs attention. My girls insist I use a Wet brush because it detangles without hurting as much as other brushes, and I like this detangler because it smells good, it's paraben-free and it's supposed to help prevent head lice (knock wood!).

Shopping bags: I'm so happy that I'm seeing more and more people bringing reusable bags with them wherever they go. I also like to carry these for produce.

Do you have a car-senal? Do you switch it up depending on the season? I'd love to know your must-haves!

*My car-senal seems to be heavy on beauty and grooming supplies because by the time I've gotten the rest of the family out the door, we're already running late. To be clear, I use them only when the car is in Park or someone else is at the wheel -- I never, ever primp and drive. ; )