Culture Watch 21.Sept.2018

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Ciao! This has been one of those weeks where I've been consuming the news like it was air, but I did click away long enough to see the trailer for Mary Poppins Returns.

I know for some there will never be another Mary besides the legendary Julie Andrews, but I love Emily Blunt and I. Cannot. Wait. To. See. This. Film. Plus, Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack (not Bert, but Bert-like, it seems) and my beloved Dick Van Dyke reprising his role as Mr. Dawes Sr. from the bank. Quelle jolly holiday this is going to be!

I’m really looking forward to seeing The Wife, also, even though I think it’s going to require something a little stiffer than a spoonful of sugar to get through.

Did you see Savannah Guthrie talking about the new book she’s written with Allison Oppenheim on Today this week? It’s called Princesses Save the World (follow up to Princesses Wear Pants), and it’s just the empowering fun fabulosity I want my girls to grow up reading. Did I mention that protagonist Princess Penelope Pineapple is saving the world by saving the bees? Obvi, I ordered immediately and we are reading on repeat.

OH! And if you please, clock the custom Princesses Save The World cashmere sweater that Savannah was wearing in the interview. It’s by Lingua Franca and is sustainably sourced, fair trade and all hand-stitched by women in NYC. All of their sweaters are so witty and smart. Plus, the company is founded by Lincoln, NE native (and Creighton grad) Rachelle Hruska MacPherson.

Omaha’s Durham Museum released its 2019 lineup and there is something for everyone. My daughter Irish is going to go nuts for Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family (8.June-1.Sept), and I’m especially excited to see American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith (2.March-23.June) and Louder than Words: Rock, Power and Politics (12.Oct.-2.Feb.2020).

As I said earlier, I’ve been glued to the headlines this week, but one of the most important things I read was written by Anita Hill, How to Get the Kavanaugh Hearings Right. If you have a sec, it’s definitely worth reading. This weekend, I’ll be praying that the senators and the media heed her wise words.

I’m eager to hear what you’re reading/watching/listening to/cooking/wearing/buying in the comments!