TW/WTW 17-23.Sept.18


Last week started out with pool weather here (minus stormy Tuesday, but I’ll get to that in a sec) but as soon as the calendar turned to fall, the weather gently dropped about 10-15 degrees. As sorry as I am to say goodbye to summer, I have to admit, it’s pretty gorge right now.

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Car smash.jpg

But it wasn’t on Tuesday, which happened to be the day I had to drive to Des Moines to pick up a coffee table. I’m utterly enamored of Des Moines, especially the East Village, so I invited my mom to come with me. We picked up the table no problem (and my mom was also charmed by the East Village). Then we went for lunch and this happened. As far as I can tell, when I pulled her walker out of the trunk, that box must have shifted slightly and hit the windshield just so when I pulled (not slammed!) the door closed. Anyway, the good people at Cheese Bar — and their neighbors at Ingersoll Animal Hospital — couldn’t have taken better care of my mom and Millie as I got it all sorted. And my mom even bought me one of their transcendent grilled cheeses for the road. Which turned out to be incredibly helpful in calming my shattered nerves as we drove two hours though torrential rains without a back windshield!

The next day, one of my dearest friends from New York was in town for a conference so we got to take her to two of our favorite Omaha places, Coneflower Creamery and Dante. Since she also got to know some people from the Women’s Center for Advancement whilst she was here, I made sure to TAGG our Dante receipt for WCA. (TAGG so appeals to my love of synergy. You can read more here.)

On Friday, I attended the Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show. After touring the fabulous antiques — including a room of vintage Hermès, Goyard and Louis Vuitton bags, two French stacking tables I can’t get out of my head and an entire wall of bees (!) mounted on reclaimed frames — with Kathleen Conner from Among Other Things and Amy Sporrer from Spruce (two of my favorite go-to Omaha spots for gifts and things for the home), we were regaled by the style, warmth and wit of keynote speaker Miles Redd. Later in the weekend, Steven Stolman, who stole my heart when I interviewed him for The Salonniere, and master sommelier Matt Stamp spoke. It was such a great event and I can’t wait to go back next year!

That night, the girls’ school had an outdoor movie night with one of my all time favorite children’s movies, Coco. And, as it turned out, the Day of the Dead theme continued on Saturday when we visited my college friend Becky, who lives in Denver, and her brother Dave at Dave’s home in Lincoln. Becky and Dave are both cool singles, so Beck bought up all the Dio de los Muertos stuff she could find to keep the girls entertained. Then she dug out her favorite vegetarian Mexican recipes from a cookbook she’d bought whilst studying abroad, and Dave made these more-ish vegan enchiladas from 101 Cookbooks. So far, fall 2018 is delish!